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If You Build It... - Poem by william upton

What happens in dreams, and why are they so lifelike?
How do visions of stark reality,
Of lifelike melodrama,
Wander through our unconscious, sleeping minds?

In my dreams
I save people that I love.
The next time out, I am in need of rescue myself.
I have experienced moments, days, situations
With deceased family members and friends.
I've talked with them and listened to them.
We have interacted, one with another, without incident.
There have been wild animals and evil in whatever form
Chasing me.
I have realized, sadly, that I must regress
To do-over my senior year in college,
Sacrificing the memory of everything
And everyone I had in my current life.
I have been put in the situation to win every major sporting championship game-
All with seconds left on the clock-
All with ferocious pressure,
And have come up victorious in every single one.
I have been given warnings and deadlines and ultimatums-
Extraordinarily dramatic moments
That never come to full closure.
There are always subplots,
Stories within stories,
Running parallel with reality and fantasy
Simultaneously producing heart pumping dramas.

Perhaps dreams represent the spirit souls
Contacting us during sleep.
Our own souls may be released in these moments
Receiving a 'hall pass' so to speak
To search for kindred spirits
In order to finalize unresolved issues.

Every dream is interwoven with
The source may be a mystery,
But the intrigue and the possibilities
Are beyond startling,
Beyond human comprehension.
Maybe the dream is the first step into the cornfield.
Stronger still, it could be the gateway...

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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