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I'm Broken, Cyber Bully

Sticks and words can break my heart,
But the words you say cut deep,
And these words start to make me think, ‘Am I good enough for you? ',
I am starting to think that I am ugly, nothing and worthless.
‘Your ugly', ‘Your stupid and fat' is what I get told every day from a text message.
It hurts okay? Don't you get the message, please stop doing this to me.

‘You are worth nothing! ', I get told every day.
Am I ever going to have happiness again?
I do not know; Will I get happiness again?
Why am I here if am I being bullied online?
Please do not do this to me, my heart is fragile, and my feelings are too,
Not this time, not ever, do not do this to me ever, please,
What am I supposed to do, why am I the target suddenly?

I am done, I am going to disconnect you out of my life once again,
When did I ever hurt you, to make you feel so hurt?
You mean what you say, but it hurts every time you say it,
Every time you hurt me, I go and start crying somewhere in the dark.

I am crying because of you, so my eyes are always red and puffy,
I hate you because of what you have said to me through the screen,
What am I supposed to do? Block everyone out of my life suddenly,
I have told you many times, that I am broken enough already.
I don't need to be broken even more than I already am,
And it hurts to be broken even more, okay?
Why am I so broken on the inside and out?
I wish I was gone, just gone from life for good.
You need to stop please, its hurting me for goodness sake.

So please I tell you, please stop sending me mean messages,
I don't like it. You say that you do not want me here,
And my heart starts to die out of love,
‘I should just die', I say to myself every night,
I cry myself to sleep because of the mean things you say to me,
And it hurts a lot so please I tell you, ‘Please stop, it hurts enough already, okay? '

Please stop saying these things to me,
It is mean so don't do this to me or others, because it can hurt us deep inside our hearts,
Please I tell you, just stop this at once.
Just leave me alone, or someone is going to know about you,
Please, please just stop okay.

I'm done, I wish I was never on social media in the first place,
I want to be alone, so I am going to block you now,
I want to do things to myself when you say these things to me,
Because it hurts that bad, so if you keep doing it to me something is going to go very wrong,
Will you stop saying things that are not true about me? Like ‘you are just a fake person', they say,
I am done with you; I am telling the teacher, I'm sick and tired of dealing with you every day.

‘You should just die! ', she says, ‘Already working on it', I say to her,
I hate it. Please stop. It hurts. Stop. I hate it. Please. JUST STOP.
I have told you I want you to stop, so please stop it hurts in the heart okay,
Please, please, please, just stop okay, I dislike it.
I wish you would stop it hurts me to say this,
‘I WANT TO DIE' I scream out every night in pain,
You have hurt me enough, so please I tell you stop.
I grab a something sharp and start cutting my skin, heading in the direction of killing myself tonight.

I need you to stop, before these things go too far, I will kill myself if you keep going with this,
Sometimes I think that I want to kill myself tonight right at this moment in front of everybody,
You post pictures of me, and it hurts, you say mean things, and it hurts, so please,
You hurt me, so please stop hurting me now,
I wish you would stop bullying me through a screen,

‘Don't do this to me, please, please I'm asking you to stop! '
I want you to stop saying things to me through a screen, ‘please stop' I say in pain.
You say things to me that hurt and make me want to cut deep through my skin,
Just stop please, just stop okay. I'm going to scream so loud you will want to stop,
I'm sorry, Okay, What did I do to you? To make you hurt me so bad.
I wish I was dead, so please just stop messaging me ‘You're a freak! ' and ‘Go jump off a bridge! ',
I might do that soon, so unless you stop sending these mean messages to me.

Why is it me that's being sent these mean messages?
I say to myself, ‘I have to find a way to stop this',
Okay, it hurts, we know, so please stop with this nonsense.
As I said before, I'm going to block you now, and you will not return into my life again.
‘GOODBYE', I say to them in capitals as I type and block them,
‘I might as well kill myself', I say,
You think your perfect when you know you're not. You treat me like you don't treat anyone else.
‘GOODBYE'. That's all I say.
Just stop saying these mean things to me please,

My heart will die soon, so please stop I tell you. STOP.
The words you say stay in my head, and it hurts me so deep inside and out.
You repeat them over and over enough times to make me feel depressed,
So please I tell you, just stop. Leave me alone, now.

After you repeat the same words, you say them in all CAPITALS,
You are really starting to get on my nerves,
So please I tell you, just stop it, it hurts way to much now,
I hate how you control me now,
Why am I still here if you are telling me these nasty things?
I hate you, I hate you.

What are you trying to tell me? That I'm ugly? I already know that.
I hate life, why is it me that gets bullied?
I just wish it would stop, please stop, please.
I want it to go away, they're making a voice come out in my head,
It haunts me to know that you are the one who started it,
Even though you are through a screen.

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