Imeyi-Oko, My Domain Poem by Samson Ejembi

Imeyi-Oko, My Domain

I live, i reel and feel the beauty of my domain, Imeyi-Oko.
Surrounding her like Jerusalem is mount Zion, the hill of defence.
The crown of the hill, our abode.
What an admirable work of the nature.

Palms form the plantation
And the tall men dominate the vegetation.

Peace and unity have always been the connecting rod.
Oneness, the engine that moves this long train,
Togetherness oils and lubricates this hardworking engine that refuses to go on break.
Ultimately, love shields them from external aggression,
Imeyi-Oko, my domain.

Behold, a caterpillar has come in,
A red spot on the plan material,
A wolf among the sheep.
It causes confusion amongst the flock.
He misleads,
He stops developmental plans.
He mobilizes for doom.
He simply kills enthusiastic spirits.
He fights God to attain high seat, but a rat race.
There is no end to his mischievous acts.

Imeyians, beware of this Antichrist!
He only wants to rubbish your beautifully laid foundation.
Go back to the drawing board, pick your brush and repaint.
Retrace the old good path and follow.
Do not join the destructive war of words

Fall back to your dimple and simple tools.
Stop unnecessary arguments over the FREE GIFT OF NATURE,
So that we can ignite development.
It is a national cake, allow others to be filled too.

Don't become the judas of our time.
Allow truth to ooz out of your trumpet.
Stop favouritism,
Dispose partiality and flee from nepotism.
Give chance to Rule of Law and let justice feature in your verdict,
So that we can build Imeyi-Oko of our dream.

Imeyi-Oko, My Domain
This poem x-rays the formation and nature which characterizes the land, Imeyi-Oko, the birth land of the poet. The poem also laments the ordeals the community has gone through and what to do to bring the people back to their forsaken glory.
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