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In House Out House Inside Outside - Poem by Jerry Behr Number 2

During Australia's history especially since the 1950's many
immigrants came from all over the
world to settle in the land down under. The immigrants
wanted to get away from the memories of Nazism,
and war– torn Europe's Fascism and Stalinism.

Initially Australia was all that was promised to all
people who came here to a free democratic nation.
With old clichés of pioneering spirits, and
an opportunity to start life again under the sun,
with romance in their hearts at life's new run.

Indeed, there was a great romance with Australia,
even for people who made mistakes in life. Men
could pick up the broken pieces meet the right girl
and start life again. Inspired by opportunities galore,
with love's light comes success in Aussie folklore.

However, over the decades that came to pass some
people have noticed an erosion of such freedoms.
Some of the immigrants and even Aussies might
not have noticed the erosions while at work toiling
while economic, and social freedoms were spoiling.

The degradation of men goes from cradle to the
grave, starting at school with its high dominance of
female teachers. Curriculums highly suited for girls,
the boys lacking male role models to show the way,
the emaciated boys struggling identities cant stay.

Any boy who cannot fit in this political correctness
way of learning is fobbed off to a behavioral school.
The boy is now segregated for all time
never again to see normal classmates or boyhood;
he knows, the others have a normal teenage hood.

For the boys there is another sinister force, ADHD
a new age label invented by educational hierarchies.
If the boy has this ADHD there is a medicine
Ritalin an Amphetamine to be used,
junkies call it bennies, speed, minds fused.

One wonders if the pep pills are for the benefit of
students, or is it really for the educational hierarchy
so that they could still teach the 'Mary
Popins' way of teaching and forgot how to teach
real teenagers in the real world that they could reach.

The Amphetamine medication started slowly
at first then it snowballed. Now untold tens of
thousands of kids in all States are munching on
the stuff giving new meaning to 'stone the crows; '
eating breakfasts with cereals and pep pills in rows.

Another new age thing is the way the educational
hierarchy dispenses discipline. Discipline is not done
in–house, it is being done out–house. The kid is suspended
missing out a few days of learning while he plays
with electronic games, that's where his mind stays.

Girls faced with the same thing are fearful if they
were at home on punishment tour in the out–house
they might have to do washing of the clothes. I don't think
mum would ask the boy to wash and iron her panties
fold up her clothes and look after her dainties.

For boys there's life's routine going from
(here) home to (there) school like a tidal ebb and flow.
Here there, here there, here there, as the tide flows;
It's very destructive when it is here there, here here here
playing electronic games in the out–house in here.

Life's disciplines not being learned from the tidal flows it
doesn't take long before here there, here there, is completely
lost. From there the boy encounters the Corrective Services
regimes and prisons and learns there's an inside;
doing time on the inside hoping to come outside.

However, with the Corrective Services there's a twilight
zone called recidivism. The prisoner goes inside outside,
inside outside, relentlessly stuck with this revolving door.
As hard as loved ones try to stop this inside outside,
the prisoner still goes back to where he came from inside.

There's a danger with this twilight zone, prisons
are dangerous places, one cannot muck around with
this inside outside, inside outside, inside, challenging the
forces with impunity. Loved ones wanted to stop this, tried
to save the prisoner inside, however, Craig Behr still died

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