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In Pairs - Poem by hope cope

In Pairs

Creator has made everything
Everything made is to complement each other
Kind heart Thee
Sculpted the world
The way nobody lives alone ever
Everyone are made in pairs by Thee
To be for each other always
Like the sun and the sky
Sunrises and brightens up the sky by it's light
Setting of sun brings darkness to sky
And shows the effects on skies life when sun is gone
Like moon and the stars
To accompany the lonely moon
In the black canvas of sky
The stars are always there to cheer moon
Completing the beautiful art of the dark sky
Like a fountain and a stream
Fountain dripping and flowing to merge with stream
Like a stream and a lake
Stream flowing with a longing to meet the lake
Like a lake and a river
Lake passing all over happiness
Wishing to embrace the river soon
Like a river and a sea
River dreaming about to engulf and accept
The saltiness of the sea for rest of her life
Like a sea and an ocean
Sea waiting to embrace the ocean to find it's solitude
Like the mountains and the clouds
The mountains reaching out high to kiss the cloud
Like the rain and the earth
The rain showers down from the skies
So that the earth consumes her in the lap
And finally creator's greatest creation
Men and women to complement each other
So that men nor women is never ever left alone.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 23, 2012

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