In The Arms Of Darkness Poem by advija hrustic

In The Arms Of Darkness

today I feel lonely......feel lonely again
days are going by, I am tired
tired of everything around me
I often wonder how long can I take it.

it makes no sense, nothing makes sense any more
the whole life, the existence.

I want to be strong, strong just one more time
that's what they expect, that's what they want
and i always did what was expected...
always did....and now I smiled after long time
what did I get back.

where is the hand I need, where is the shoulder to cry on.
I cry, and my heart cried...for being alone.
and where did the world go
where did the hopes go, when I try to be there for everyone

and I get that I am crazy, selfish, bad mother, sister, wife
child....what else did I get,
yes I got that i could have done more for them.

where am I in my existence, and do I exist at all
is my life just a dream, childish dream of happiness.

and I keep trying and fall back again, keep getting up
and I ask myself do i get up for myself or for them.

I wish I was more coward to end it, to stop waking up at 2...3...
and wait to see what is next....and the next brings just more pain
more emptiness........being lonely is like a dream, dream you want to stop,
dream you want to stop forever.

Thursday, October 8, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dark side
Dorothy- A. Holmes 09 October 2015

My heart aches for you! Such a passionate verse. So easy I know, for me to say pray, yet it could be the answer you are looking for. Your small hand in his big hand. Our Creator loves you...ask for his divine help! Dorothy A Poet Sing A Sad Song

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