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The forever of you
Is in between all I do...
In a passing field of flowers
In the morning sky,

I sing a sad song for the cold, lonely
Moments no one will admit to aloud.

I sing a sad song for all of the broken

These hands hold small bowls
Of muted laughter
Rising with soft edges
Against the sky

Once upon a time
Once upon a dream
Once upon a heart break
Once uppon a tear

Shasta Dasies light
My mother's shady garden
Making her happy

We said goodbye
Long before this final farewell.
My heart once cold to any thought
Of you,

Eyes behold wealth of
Garden's beautiful treasures
Flowers winged and scented

Hear the buzz of the bees?
See the blooming of the trees?
Hear the birds as they sing...
Wake up! Wake up! Sleepy heads

Falling aimlessly
My ode to love was inaudible
Whirling against the breath and sigh

Oh, I owe a debt to spring,
She brought me wild flowers
And hardy daffodils
Beautiful velvet green carpeted hills.

You told my heart farewell
And I was left with unshed tears, and
With a love that will deepen
Throughout the coming years.

Writing my blue poem
With my pink pen...
Mellow blue,
Sweet Aster sugar blue,

Soft and confy inside
Hard on the feet sometimes
Elevating one's

Yesterday I thought I
Must flee this earth
To escape the memory of you
And yet today, as I am living still,

I think perhaps
The heart of a child really is
Heart shaped,
Like those on valentine cards,

Spring in my step
Spring in the air

Placed in
Houses and
Offices for
News and

It is a sad song
When writers don't write,
And a melancholy thing when singers
Don't raise their voices in song,

Is it spring yet
pestered the daffodils
in shades of yellow delight.

Dressed in red, the SOS of heartache, throbbing within my being.
Red, a reminder, passion's fire is now removed from my eyes.
Loneliness, I have no place to hide from its intrusion in my life,
It invades all the empty spaces.

Dorothy (Alves) Holmes Biography

I am a poet who loves to sing...Currently I coordinate a reading program for pre-school children in Tappahannock, Virginia. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and have lived in Millers Tavern, Virginia for the past 15 years. My fourth book of poetry 'Let The Music Play' has just been published...September for purchase)

The Best Poem Of Dorothy (Alves) Holmes

The Forever Of You

The forever of you
Is in between all I do...
In a passing field of flowers
In the morning sky,
You are to me, a soft
Enchanting lullaby.
You are ever in my thoughts;
Oh! the clamor that invades
The empty spaces
When we are apart.

Dorothy (Alves) Holmes Comments

Roletha Hargrove 19 April 2007

I read your book 'People Talk' and finding it again I make note here of what was said of you at that time and I want to say you have only gotten better. 'Mrs. Alves is a versatile and spontaneous writer, which gives her work universal appeal' Dorothy's poetry is important, I believe, because it deals with real people and describes real situations with much warmth and sincerity. 'Dorothy's poems are sensitive insights into the soul.' I salute you for still sharing your gift.

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Gary Witt 25 February 2007

Ms. Holmes: You have a startling, and extremely versatile voice, with a range that goes from sensuous to sad and back in about 6.5 seconds. Thank you for sharing. -G

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