In The Dark Of Night Poem by Jackie Kirby

In The Dark Of Night

Rating: 4.1

In the dark of the night
While you were holding me tight
You didnt see
The tears that fell from my eyes
I've never know anyone like you
My life has been filled with night
mares and hurts from the past
How i've prayed many times
To forget the past
But it always finds its way back
to me in my dreams in the night
Till the day i met you
When you hold me tight my heart
knows an feels a tenderness its
never known
And a love that grows with each
breath i take
I love you more today than yesterday
And will love you more tommorrow
When you hold me in your arms i know
Your heart is my heart your breath is
my breath
You are all i've ever prayed for and
so much more
This is a note to you for God only
All the battles i have fought
And stood strong
Weak i was becoming
Then i found you from your strength
is my strength
And you have made me stronger
I had forgotten how it felt to be
held in the arms of love
So these words are just for you
You are my knight who flew
From the heavens on a proud
white stallion
And showed me love is real
Love you baby

Written by
Copyright Jackie Kirby

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