James Darwin Smith II

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In The Spirits Of All Butterflies - Poem by James Darwin Smith II

For whom do I give dedication?
These very Words of love and fortune
Who will never take them all for granted?

Soul of canter
Looking up, growing wings
Taking off the towards a heart opened destination
Descending beyond the skies
Flying to the airs of unconditional love

Thoughts spinning
Turbulences of rejection
Slows down this very pride
Yet, still flying high, But why?

Enough resources to get by
Flying above all judgements and conceit
Yet, a storm commits
Rain pouring down, lack of psychical substance
Mentally strong, But I cannot but wonder why?

Too much wind
Air bouncing me around
Water drowning these eyes
This Earth judges me
For whom they think I am
Fire douses this heart to no end

Still hope grows within
A natural new set of stronger wings
Replaces these ones weakened
In this game called a love, but why?

Flying so highly steering me into hope
Too much pain from this storm
But these wings insist I go on

More rejection
Never played the part
Yet, these wings still have hope, but why?

Flying me higher
Higher than ever before
In a realm full of love
Did I die?

Crying because I cannot live
My psychical form had glimpses of love
Samples of what could be, but why?

So much love
Accepted for who I am
Yet, I am not ready to stay
Cannot figure out why

An epiphany hits
No matter how empty things get
My earthly cocooned life must strive
For my future, my soulful butterfly

It may hurt
To have to feel this void
But I have to keep growing within
So when I can finally fly
Beyond this life, beyond this time

I am back
Fighting with everything
To share with my confines
Branching out, to the world
All in the name of love

No more self-restrictions
These inner battles rage on
Figuring out this life
All in the name of every single essence of love

I lived too long just getting by
Playing too safely
In a way too conservative state of mind, Why?

Dreaming of the future
And what could come my way
Never being distracted by my negative pride
With positive energy, I must be obliged

It is a fight, One I am winning
Soon I will embrace this universal cocoon
So I can feel accomplished when I truly become a Butterfly

For whom do I give dedication?
I will a lot more than just get by

Then all will be when, not why?

It was my own judgement
That gave me the limits to never dream of flying

There are more than physical possessions
To always strive to do more than just getting by

I was born a fighter of love
Now I finally realize why

My cocoon has much more space
It’s way too early to be a Butterfly

If I am taken for granted, again
I will never ask why
I will do a lot more within to always go beyond getting by

In these dreams, I will always build myself up to when I can finally fly higher than any high

My dedication is for me and those who know where I am
Never casting judgement as we all prepare
for the future we finally, fly

In essence, we all are in training
We will all soon be butterflies

Angels, Spirit guides
Whichever we want to be,
we shall end up flying higher than any physical height

There is more to life, than just getting by

I give all forms of true love dedication
So we all can live in peace

For now we can all dream of the day we all will someday fly

Let us all celebrate the spirits of all Butterflies!

Topic(s) of this poem: butterfly, life and death

Form: Ballad

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Written on 11/12/15

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