Lorraine Attard

Insanity - Poem by Lorraine Attard

There is no certainty that you know yourself fully
You put yourself into situations hoping that you'll learn from it
Hoping that you'll get out of it
But then you need to think about is are you gonna be a casualty
You say to yourself
I should've learnt this already from what had happened before
Do we just do the bad patterns again?
That we don't even realise that we doing it again and again? ? ? ?
What is classified as bad?
It is one to think
So many questions but so little answers
Why is life like this?
So complex that we start questioning our selves and one another?
Makes us not trust anyone anymore
Makes our hearts turn into ice
We are all born with innocence and purity
As we grow older
Our sins are what makes us
This war everyday makes us our own enemy
Is it every man for himself?
We live in this world full of heart breaks and lies
Ppl are born and ppl die
When ppl die who we love
It changes us from our cores
Our assents
Our world
We'll never be the same again
Memories lingers like the sweet cool sea breeze
Haunting us till our last breath
When a magical moment happens
Cold tears falls down our porcelain cheeks
Blaming not anyone else but ourselves
It's like a vicious cycle
Again and again and again
Why can't we just live forever?
With the ppl that we love so we don't have to go through so much pain
We all tell ourselves lies to get through life
'Life can be simple
Life is what we make of it
Everything happens for a reason
Timing is everything'
You start to question your own beliefs
We are driving oneself to insanity
We are just sinners
We are all just insane
Insanity is what keeps us going
Insanity is what keeps our souls and blood going
We are insanity

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