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Instead Of Killing Me You Slowly Killed Your Self - Poem by KrIsTiNa CoTTo

you liked rock, i liked ballet. you liked sloppy joes, i liked roast beef. you liked tap beer, i liked white wine. you liked watching party dirty movies, i liked watching liked just living with your dad and your dog named warley, i liked living with both of my parents and three birds. you liked the thought that you never finished high school and just got ur g.e.d and was planning to be a half way engineer, i liked the thought that i did finish high school got my diploma on time and went to a college for computer websight design and was planning to design my own websighte full of my designs. you liked the whole no committment with that girl, i liked the feeling of how that boy made me feel. you liked being out there and being wild and carefree, i liked being safe and staying home to study and also play the violin. you liked to not love becuz you felt trapped and smothered, i liked to be in love and be all mooshy together. you liked the fact that i gave you the time of day when on the other hand no one like me really ever did that before, i liked that you were so different from me and unique. you liked that i was semi interested in football and hot dogs, i liked that i was having fun for a change and no one was there to tell me different. you liked that people seen you with a good girl rather then the slizy whores your used to, i liked the fact that you stood up for me and protected me when i needed you. you liked how daring i was and surprised by the risks i took when with you, i liked how with you i was able to be myself and more. you liked the fact that i was always there for you whenever you needed me, i liked helping you and being there. you liked fighting and sometimes you started it just becuz you were to attented to, i liked how honest you were and how your true colors came out when we faught. you liked takeing your anger out on me and getting a good puch in or two, i liked hiding it becuz all my friends said it wood happen but i didnt want to beieve that was you. you liked how i shut my mouth when you told me to, i liked how when i did shut up the puching wood stop. you liked that i gave you space to cheat and think it was fun and funny, i liked how when you were gone i cood cry away the pain and figure out why i am still in love with the man you have so scaringly became. you liked how not being around me feel and how it felt so much better, i liked how when you were not around me i slowy grabbed my things and moved them out. you liked how you havent seen me in a month or even more you coodnt even remember, i liked how when you came around again i still stayed just so you woodnt think anyting was up but i was all packed with a letter for you that i wood later deliver to you. you liked how controled i was to your every command, i liked how you hated me it was easier for me to leave. you liked how one night you came and you were drunk and beat me for hours leaving me to bleed and later be dead. i liked how when i healed i got my revenge and shot you four times in the back leg arm and heart. you liked how it hurt cuz you told me when you were laying on the floor you never regreted any of the things you did to me cuz i deserved it, i liked how easy it was for me to know that you were shit and i wasted my time on you. you liked how everythings happened and played out, i liked leaving you there to bleed and be in pain just like how i was many times. now you cood no long like anything cuz u were done, gone, and dead, i liked how you are dead cuz i was dead to you all the time.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

this is a poem that i thought about and wrote it has nothing to do with me it was going to be a story but then i turned it into a poem

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