Intelligent Design Poem by Ivy Schex

Intelligent Design

Rating: 2.8

A sun so bright
A sky so cloudless and clear
Moon and stars
All speak of a creator to fear

The earth, the sky, and the sea
They all speak of a greater divine
That man can speak and think
Is a witness of intelligent design

That man has such emotions
As anger, hope, and love
Speak not of Evolution
But of a greater power above

Jay Schexnayder 21 May 2005

Not to bad. Evolution is just balony. But you know I know that.

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Sandra Osborne 08 February 2005

I liked your controversial subject, and I liked your poem. I did feel you had to fit the subject into the rhyme scheem, so it read a bit forced. But if I had to agree or not, I'd say God did it. Nice work.

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Michael Shepherd 05 February 2005

Do anger, love, faith, hope, charity, speak of evolution? I think not. At least not material evolution. Perhaps mental or emotional or spiritual evolution? And the missing element is law. Maybe God made the laws? How's that for a compromise. Well, Ivy, you've certainly got a response on your first entrance to this site! Now back to poetry...

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Poetry Hound 05 February 2005

No, they speak of evolution. There's no scientific basis for disputing it. It's fine to believe in God, but Creationism or Intelligent Design or whatever you want to call it is bad science. Why can't you just believe that God initiated the wheels of evolution? Then everyone is happy.

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