Internet Lover Poem by Bob Decol

Internet Lover

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While taking in the view,
at a date site's who is who,
looking for a special lady.
I came across a lass,
and wondering what she has,
IM'ed her, "Hey, come and see me! "

'Cause, I was looking at a woman,
who was looking for a man,
she's a gorgeous sight to see.
She's such a beautiful girl
and with a friendly word,
bothered to take a look at me.

So, now I'll hold my breath,
down to the deepest depth,
of what my lungs can hold.
I know that what she's read,
will run through her pretty head
and make her sure and bold.

She'll write right back to me,
friends, she'll want to be,
we'll get to know each other.
Who knows, but what in time,
this jaunty little rhyme,
could lead us to become together?

Can't know just what will happen,
the keys may keep on tapping,
we may become friends real true.
We may be far apart,
but she's a work of art.
"So baby, how do you do? "

Now, if she has a cam
and she sees me as I am,
her too, I'll be able to see.
Although we're each real far,
I know we share a star.
Who knows just what we'll be?

Maybe our chatting could end,
we could become best friends,
or meet to be one time lovers.
Or we may feel the hand of fate,
our souls will become mates,
we'll find we are star crossed lovers.

Then in the course of time,
our relations become sublime,
placing each above all others.
We'll have finally met our match,
on a course of life's long paths,
in the world of the Internet Lover

Monday, February 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: internet,love,love and friendship
Moo-Moo 23 February 2021

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