Ross Mackay

Intolerance Part Ii: Ancient Babylon - Poem by Ross Mackay

539 B.C, Ancient Babylon

And when the poor Ophelia - sent her letters - to the castle for the king

her rendered words in torment - of her troubles - with her moral silencing.

I wonder if she kept up - with her loveless - repetition questioning

when the darkest hour - with the flowers - and the trees all folded green

never had forgotten her romantic - all pedantic - fight with him

ever since that day - she did insist - it was a silly one night thing

the court of fair civilians - did declare - that she needed controlling

and so they insisted - a new husband - was the way of relishing

her tangled mess of beauty - needed someone - who could wash away her tears

but since that day of anger - she felt lonely - and her filling soul with fears

she begged him for a partner - suited greater - to her holy worldly needs

a romance for the earth - and for the love - of the people that I meet

The king he did not suffer - when she fell - to hysterics on her knees

her tangled hair she pulled out - and presented - for the wicked king to keep

the king he ordered stones - had her strung up - filthy naked like a pig

her heart it fell to pieces - and it ruptured - when the people all joined in

the people wept with laughter - as the young girl - collapsed with suffering

broken down she crawled - up to the heights - of the tallest tower's peak

there she threw herself - off of the top - and died a saddened mess of grief

Her body there for days - nobody cared - her husband busy like the beast

he was down the market - with his new bride - most content he did say

when they reach an old age - send them off - to the market slave parade

his new wife was a pauper - from the mountains - she had no choice but to stay

when she's feeling lonely - she just looks up - where the young girl passed away

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