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The Romantic Age - Poem by Ogden Nash

This one is entering her teens,
Ripe for sentimental scenes,
Has picked a gangling unripe male,
Sees herself in bridal veil,
Presses lips and tosses head,
Declares she's not too young to wed,
Informs you pertly you forget
Romeo and Juliet.
Do not argue, do not shout;
Remind her how that one turned out.

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Romantic Poems
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Romantic Poems

  1. Epitaph For A Romantic Woman

    She has attained the permanence She dreamed of, where old stones lie sunning. Untended stalks blow over her Even and swift, like young men running. Always in the heart she loved Others had lived, -- she heard their laughter. She lies where none has lain before, Where certainly none will follow after.

  2. Romantic Love

    Love is not of minds alone; Love is not of hearts that yearn; Love is not of bodies entwined; Love is more than the finest wine! Love is not just when eyes see; Love is not just when ears hear; Love is not all sensory; Love is more than what you dream! Love is not of earthly mould; Love is not human-designed; Love is not ephemeral; Love is more – predestined! Love is not of sex, age, race; Love is not for earth’s life-span; Love is not togetherness; Love is more- Eternity!

  3. Romantic Love

    Romance is a must for most young hearts Gestures of love broken in tiny parts A dozen roses, a chocolate heart, Writing a poem with all your heart, A cute little card with x’s and o’s Sittin’ by the fire warming your toes A candle lit dinner down by the beach You both come in a pair not in a peach Long conversations late into the night Love is there and romance is in sight Just a bear hug for you just like this Romance is even just the right kiss…

  4. Anything Romantic To Say

    I sat down to write a romantic poem confessing I love you. However, I guess I’m not in a romantic mood today, as I couldn’t find anything romantic to say. The words it seems have left my head, which only leaves me one thing to do, and that is to go to bed. 27 April 2008

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