Garrett Bradley

Introducing...Poetic Patriot

Who can it be, this new mc
Who goes by the name of poetic p
Whose rhymes go hard, and lyrics go harder
Who claims he's better than the famed Mr Carter
OK no more of this third person nonsense
When it comes to battlin', it's no contest
I, the Poetic Patriot
Will whoop your a**, you piece of s**t
Sorry for bein' so very cruel
I just can't help not dissin' these fools
Who think they can test me
Yo they ain't ready
To see me on the mic, on stage, or at Chuck E. Cheese
I hate when ni**as think they the s**t
Real recognize real and I see as ish
Standin' up there talkin' bout you makin' money
You rockin' fly clothes, you pullin' mad honeys
But when it comes to battlin' you soft like tissue paper
Sayin' you tight, shut up you just a faker
I am a true lyricist
You're just a phony rapper that's gettin' dissed
Stop standin' there with your mouth wide open
Ni**a leave my presence without a word spoken
Get outta here you wack mc
I promise this the last time you'll try to diss me

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 29, 2009

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