Introverts Poem by Ben Akinpelumi


Have Seen too Many words About Introvert People Can't Understand Them
There's too Many type of Personality But
Being On Characteristics There are two
type of
Introvert Or Extrovert #Introversion and Extroversion Is A Personality
It was Promoted by "Carl Jung" In the
When a Person Is Reserved and does not
open up easily, idealistic, less social and less talk he or She is said to Be An
Introversion is One of the Major #Personality Trait. People Who are Introverted tend to be
inward turning or focused more on
internal thoughts, feeling and mood
rather than Seeking
Out external Stimulation.
They dont like to be Social don't Want mix up
With people they get energy From being
They spend more with their self because
they are Self Aware.
They have Few Friend because Few are easy to Handle, or more Social
Interaction Drain their Energy.
Introvert have their own rules in Life.
They don't want to allow anyone to
Judge them.
However They are Shy Can't Start A Conversation.
They're also Have Creative mind and
quite Intelligent..
These are their major properties of
Not Every person Have all of these properties.
There are #SomeWrongConcep taboutIntrovert I want to Clear. They're not Social Doesn't mean they
hate people and
want to live alone But They are Self
and Knows the bitter reality of world So
they Creat a distance From Fake People
Their comfortable Zone Is Within one.
They are much like an extrovert in their
own circle, with their few friends and
Family But Not comfortable with new
people. Introvert Are Shy doesn't mean they
can't talk Instead
They don't like Small Talk They like deep
Get an Introvert Talking about Something
they are interested in and they won't shut up for
They don't hate people just they believe
in quality
instead of quantity. They are too loyal So
they expect loyalty from You.
Introvert don't want always to live
Sometime They need people interaction.
They are not always depressed But
Sometimes They Feel bad Because They have too much Thoughts In their Mind
they can't Share.
People often confuse IntrovePeople
often confuse Introvert Are
bored and have attitude. This Is Not True You think don't pay
attention to you but they
observe Everything Just can't express
Their Feelings.
Here I want To Say
Mostly People Can't Understand what's Wrong with
them because no One Can Understand
Being an Introvert Is not a Mental
disease or anything else.
Its Just a personality Trait. It's difficult to Carry When you are in
relationship with an Introvert.
Here's some tips For understand them #LoveRelationshipwithanintrovert They don't like Small Talk They love deep
Don't tell the brand or people you love or
hate tell
them the reason why you love or hate
them. Don't tell them the dreams of you but
the plan to do to get that dream
Don't talk about rapid fire but asked
them to choose between mountain and
Beach Because they are nature Lover. They don't Want only beautiful things
about You but They want to know bad
things about you
Share your all Feeling with them, don't
feel bad if they don't give you
Response.They Can Feel Everything about you
Just Can't express FeelingJust Can't
express Feelings.
Don't Force Them For Doing Anything.
It's not difficult to handle them.
They're the most Kind Personality Just appreciate Their difference.
If You Have an Introvert Lover You're
Because If they Say "l Love you"
They mean it.
Understand Them Instead of hate them they Can Strongly
Their Emotion So You Can't Find That
you're Hurting Them.
Most of people are #Ambivort. We are all Ambivort.
They Act both like Introvert and
A True Introvert Is A Rare Case.
Being An Introvert Is Not any
Mental disorder Or disease. It's Not a Problem.
But being an extreme case of Introvert is
Problematic because they are too
There's One questions
An Introvert can be Changed into Extrovert?
Remember An Introvert Don't Want
They are Happy With Themselves.
It's Too Difficult For them To Change
But it's not Impossible It's easy tend to an Ambivort.
An Introvert or extrovert Brain different
since from birth
However If an Introvert Can Practice
Like an
Extrovert Behavior and become more Comfortable But They Can't Change their
Basic Nature.
Don't Get Confused Between Depressed
Person Or
Introvert person.
Don't mix Their Personality With being Depressed
They Can enjoy Their own Company.
Being Sad is Another thing
They Feel Bad But For A Short Time
Because They are too much Feelings
And They Can't Share So Sometimes They Feel Sadness.
But After That Time They Are Happy.
Remember They Get Energy From Being
Introvert also Enjoy Life
And they are not all the time want to be Alone.
Sometime They Need Someone.
Respect Their Difference
Appreciate Their Difference
It Doesn't Mean
#Extrovert Don't Have any quality They are Social, Talkative and Make new
Friends Easily.
They Can easily Express Their Feelings.
They also have too Much Positivity.
They are Also Wonderful.
I Also Want to write about an Extrovert But it's too long Now So Next Time

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: sad
i wrote this after a girl called me a saddest, she failed to understand why i do things i do, cux she's not one of pain though!
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