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Like a puzzle
A piece of me
To a piece of you
Complete me

We're from here
A small town somewhere
The same burdens we all bare
But how the government

I am an undefined nature, a creative
heart that gives love.
I am a misunderstood human being
with a beautiful mind.

The number of sands in the sea befit not
my list;
If all the stars are named, my list will be
the sky.

Have Seen too Many words About Introvert People Can't Understand Them
There's too Many type of Personality But
Being On Characteristics There are two

I'm far too shy to tell you that I love
You're a star far from my plain

Sometimes people grow together
As trees reach across an old stone

Sometimes people grow together
As trees reach across an old stone

It hurts to love someone and
not be loved in return. But what
is more painful is to love
someone and never find the

Many times I have described you
Or tried.
Much time have I spent with you

Will I ever find my soulmate?
Will I ever find someone who loves me
more than life itself- or even harder-
someone I love more than life itself?

Long love
Strong love
That mostly selfless kind of selfish
wonderful love


When life is getting you down, and you
need a little hope.
Look deep down inside yourself, and
you'll find the way to cope. When life is getting you down, and you

As you travel through life there are
always those times
When decisions just have to be made,
When the choices are hard, and

There's a dark and a troubled side of life.
There's a bright, there's a sunny side,
Tho' we meet with the darkness and

A brand new day is dawning
And as it gets its start,
I want you know I am thinking
Of you with warmth in my heart. I hope your birthday is special,

Like a puzzle
A piece of me
To a piece of you
Complete me

📽wonder poetry📽

🌹Romeo, Juliet and the Silhouette🌹

Life is full of choices we make
It's a fair amount of both give and take

As time has gone by, I've watched you grow strong

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Four Kites

Like a puzzle
A piece of me
To a piece of you
Complete me
Complete you
Like a riddle
I'm the answer to your questions
You're the sum to my equations
Simultaneous battles
I've caught grenades for you
You've cleared my mind-bombs
The wars of emotions
My crippled soul
I surrendering to unknows
My superwoman
You burned the white flag
And won the war
Behind the enemy lines
Deep inside my heart
You fought demons
Expelled voices that made noises
And said your voice is the alpha
My omega
My final line of belief
My faith, My relief
My worship goes beyond your beauty
Your mind is the last hope
Your brain is like a pope
Your thoughts births a new world
A new beginning to what seemed to be my end
You made your stand
Understood me when misunderstood
Banished the monster
Gave me a mirror that draws a man
A reflection of a gentleman
So much the mind can beat itself up
For it's thoughts portrays it a failure
Like the brain is wools, i'm a bad tailor
But you, my future, i've seen the trailer
Through your eyes i've streamed our love
Love endless like an ocean's view by a sailor
Love overthrowing deception of a traitor
Like a maze
we'll make our way
Like lost souls
Find mine
Find yours
Like hearts
Dagged by moles
The holes
Close mine
Close yours
Forget our flaws
Conditions are alien laws
We humans
Only humans
All I Am
For A Whole You Are

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Until you see positive side of everything, nothing can be positive about you.

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