Is It Worth The Love? Poem by Obed Akuma

Is It Worth The Love?

Is worth the trouble?
When all around you seem not to understand
When everybody is engulfed in his/her own world
When the sky goes from orange to blue and back to orange
With the helter skelter of this life
With everyone seems to pull the cake to his/her side
When the talk never metamorphosizes into a walk
When the walk reverts to the talk
When the storm never ceases or eases
Is it worth the love?

Is it worth the love?
When those you love hate you
Is it worth the love?
When those you seek to love run away
Tell me whether to run or stand still?
Tell me whether to love or to hate
Is it worth the love?
With all the fatherless and the motherless all around
With all the widows and widowers
Is it worth the love?

Friend, do you love?
Why do you love?
Is your love worth the love?
Do you love for the sake of loving?
Or you love because you love?
Can you hate and love?
Or can you hate love?
Or can you love hate?
Whichever way, is it worth the love?
My friend, tell me?

When it hurts beyond comparison
When the heart yearns for companion
When nights are too long to be spent
With all the cold encroaching from every side
With all the loneliness eating you up
Is it worth to love?

When they all demand sorts of things
When they think you are a treasure store
When they neglect the eternal treasure of love
To value the vanity of this world
To value the aggrandizement of wealth
Is it worth the love?
You answer me friend.

Obed Akuma

Obed Akuma

Nyamira County, Kenya
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