Obed Akuma Poems

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Here On Earth …, There In Heaven…

Here on earth imperfection, there in heaven perfection
Here on earth discontent, there in heaven content
Here on earth disgrace, there in heaven grace
Here on earth disease, there in heaven ease

The Brave Fear

A fear that dispels all other fears
A fear that conquers all other fears
A fear that elevates
A fear that sustains

Beyond Measure

A beyond measure love, He loves
A beyond measure care, He cares
A beyond measure provision, He provides
A beyond measure protection, He protects

And You Say You Don’t Love Me.

For bleaching the covenant forgive
The covenant of no letters
But this allow I to say
While the sun brightens the day

Tomorrow’s Yesterday Is Today

Personally am longing for that a tomorrow when all the mishaps of today will be yesterday’s (no more) . What about you?

To live is to live today
To die is to die yesterday


Beyond the meeting and the parting, we shall be soon
Beyond the sorrow and the grief, we shall be soon
Beyond the fear and the worry, we shall be soon
Beyond the corruption and the deception, we shall be soon

It Rises It Sets

Orange-yellow streaks
In the horizon burst
Along the dark night sky
Their path they trace

Seeing Blindly

I see but blindly
I look but blindly see
Nay dimly see

This To You I Say

This to you I say
If you, allow I to say
Though I, you do not know
But you, I know but in brief

A Streak Of Light

Close to the east window in the blanket of darkness I sit
My heart throbbing with expectancy: when can I see it?
A glance into the darkness I throw
But darkness all around I see

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