Obed Akuma

Rookie - 0 Points (1981 / Nyamira County, Kenya)

Obed Akuma Poems

1. In Eternal Majesty 7/29/2008
2. For A Purpose 8/1/2008
3. Eternity By And By 8/4/2008
4. The Pearl 8/5/2008
5. The Rocky Compassion 8/7/2008
6. The Walk Invisible, Pt 1 8/7/2008
7. The Walk Invisible, Pt 2 8/7/2008
8. Unequalled Potential; Pt I 8/12/2008
9. Unequalled Potential; Pt Ii 8/13/2008
10. Let It Rein Let It Rain 8/26/2008
11. Is It Worth The Love? 3/12/2009
12. So In A Desert Love Rained 3/26/2009
13. A Heart So Fortressed 4/15/2009
14. The Candle 4/15/2009
15. Moments Of Life 4/15/2009
16. A Trek Of Love 4/15/2009
17. Restless 4/15/2009
18. Toiling 4/15/2009
19. Forsake Me Not, O Lord. -Psalm 38: 21 5/25/2009
20. A Ray Of Light, A Dog And A Couple 6/4/2009
21. Of Death And Life 6/22/2009
22. And There Is Light 6/30/2009
23. A Two-In-One Smile 6/30/2009
24. Invisible Invincible Liquid Of Grace 7/20/2009
25. Though Our Interaction Were As Brief As A Moment’s Breath. 9/24/2009
26. A Treasure He Wants To Acquire 9/24/2009
27. A Masterpiece Under Repair (Part I) 9/7/2008
28. A Tower Name 9/10/2008
29. Keepers Of A Legacy 1/27/2009
30. Soyaism Of Soya 1/27/2009
31. There Is Fullness In Christ. 1/27/2009
32. The Dregs Are Consumed 1/30/2009
33. Talented To Evangelize 10/2/2009
34. Sweet Chapati 10/2/2009
35. The Shepherd’s Gaze 1/18/2010
36. Who Will Heal This Wound? 1/18/2010
37. Life Became Human 1/28/2011
38. To The Atheist, I Say….. 3/29/2011
39. The Rain Of Love 3/29/2011
40. The Rain 12/9/2011
Best Poem of Obed Akuma

Here On Earth …, There In Heaven…

Here on earth imperfection, there in heaven perfection
Here on earth discontent, there in heaven content
Here on earth disgrace, there in heaven grace
Here on earth disease, there in heaven ease
Here on earth hatred, there in heaven love
Here on earth war, there in heaven peace
Here on earth decay, there in heaven freshness
Here on earth selfish, there in heaven selfless
Here on earth oppression, there in heaven liberty
Here on earth agonize, there in heaven relax
It’s either on earth, or in heaven
The decision, all yours

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Beyond the meeting and the parting, we shall be soon
Beyond the sorrow and the grief, we shall be soon
Beyond the fear and the worry, we shall be soon
Beyond the corruption and the deception, we shall be soon
Beyond the sin and the wickedness, we shall be soon
Beyond the waiting and the longing, we shall be soon
Beyond the mortal and the perishable, we shall be soon
Beyond the oppression and the depression, we shall be soon
Beyond the gain and the loss, we shall be soon

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