...Is Missing? Poem by Mohit Sharma

...Is Missing?

In all the misery, in all the pain
Beneath each cloud that roared without rain

Within all the virtues, among all the deeds
In those uncanny demand, within every need

Within all the gestures, within all the smiles
On a journey of life that abruptly turned into miles,

Something was there that left behind unseen
Into that blind darkness, where rays of truth has never ever been

It seems that something is left somehow missing
Around the civilization, somewhere within

Although mankind exist, but humanity seems missing
So what those bodies respire, but ‘life' is something that remained missing within

Sympathy is there, helping hands are missing
Thoughts grown and piled up, actions still stands missing

Nightmares haunts, day dreaming is missing
Materialism flaunts, realness is missing

For some food is there, hunger is missing
For many hunger is there, food is missing

Faith is there, devotion is missing
Isolation is all around, still 'Peace' is missing

Eyes filled with dreams, passion is missing
Love is tentative, compassion is missing

Canvas is there, colors are missing
Surrounding infused with noise, music is missing

"Expressions crave to spur out loud, but they broke as words are missing
Maybe I subsist somewhere amid mob, but in front of the mirror I found myself missing"

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Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

Bharatpur, India
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