Caliegh Passucci

Is This What You Sent Me Down Here For? - Poem by Caliegh Passucci

I opened my eyes, unable to move.
I looked up, something changed in the skies.
Down in a ditch, a little girl lies.

Is this what you planned? I screamed at the sky
for innocent people to perish and die?
if you're made of love, then tell me why?
How can you stand to see a little girl die?

All of the world is in peril and war
Is this what you sent us down here for?
I don't understand
that by one man, the world could fall
I got up to stand.

Give me strength, courage and faith
that this will be over and I can save
the world from hunger, tragedy and war.
Is this what you sent me down here for?

I stumbled to the ground, unable to move my feet.
Then a voice shouted, Do not admit defeat.
We came here to conquer, succeed, and fight
for the right of every man and child sleeping tonight.

Then the heavens opened a little bit wider.
The angels came down, infused with bright light.
One took my hand and said, are you ready?
the weight of this world has grown awful heavy.

I pulled up on her hand, now able to stand.
I closed my eyes, and I ran.
Swords ready, we started to charge.
Is this what you sent us down here for?

We ran with such courage, love and strength
that the enemy lines began to shake.
We screamed to the skies, this will end tonight.
In a perfect world, we would've been right.

But with the strength god had given us that night,
we divided, conquered and shone the light.
Yes, yes this will end tonight.
This is what you sent us down here for.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 28, 2012

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