It Feels Strange Poem by Issac Joy

It Feels Strange

It feels strange,
How you could be so important to me,
That even in my dreams, YOU I want to see.

It feels strange,
How I felt so alone, even in a crowd,
For I did not find you around

It feels strange,
How I cried with a broken heart, with no one to care,
But always found that you managed to be there.

It feels strange,
How in the most troubled of my times and days,
You always brought a smile on my face.

It feels strange,
How a tear always appeared in my eye,
When you started to cry! !

It feels strange,
How I was in doubt and to express-a word I did not find,
But you found those words that spoke out my mind
It feels strange,
How even without a word of prayer, I was blessed with things,
For it was you, who prayed on my behalf for the blessings.

It feels strange,
How I used to fall down and someone helped me to stand,
And when I looked up, I found that it was your helping-hand.

It feels strange,
How-whenever I was late, everyone left, except one,
And it always turned out to be you, my friend.

It feels strange,
How, whenever I asked myself, who's special to me, who? ?
Unknowingly, my heart shouted out, it's you and only you.

It feels strange,
That I have got this strange feeling, of feeling strange,
Which I never want it to change,
I always want to feel strange.
I always want you to be my friend! !
I don't want you to change,
Keep making me feel strange! !

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