Steven Harris

It Wont Last Forever. - Poem by Steven Harris

Crowding around a table
drinking are own body weight in beer
laughing are selves into a coma
banging our fists on the table
singing along to the juke box
all getting up at once when we want a smoke
standing around outside most nights in the rain
bearly able to speak
but always smiling and always feeling good
some how managing to walk home
five of us holding each other up
shouting in the streets
singing and looking for a cab
having a great time with poeple you grew up with.

This is what its all about
having a good time
joining in with poeple and singing a song
poeple that wont be there soon
all will go their seprate ways
join in with new poeple
get married and start a family
join a gym and a health club
get a job that they hate
and move into a house they hate
and i'll be doing the same thing
hating everything and missing those great times.

Enjoy what ever drunken nights you have
enjoy all the times standing outside in the rain
chatting about all the good times gone
always sing a song around some small table
always drink so much you can't walk home
these times with your friends wont last forever
it will all go away and become apart of history
cherish those moments
because sooner than later
it will all be gone
and you will wish you could do it again
you will always wish you can stand around
drinking and singing.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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