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1. Blue Fairies 3/19/2013
2. I'Ll Just Sit Here Shall I? 3/19/2013
3. Is That What We Have To Look Forward To? 3/20/2013
4. The Wife Is Going To Kill Me 3/20/2013
5. I'Ll Do As I Please. 3/20/2013
6. Dont Aim The Arrow 3/20/2013
7. Yes Sir 3/20/2013
8. We Are In Control. 3/20/2013
9. Is It Too Late 3/20/2013
10. A Lion In Dark Shadows 3/20/2013
11. Jump Into The Lake. 3/21/2013
12. Dont Be Afraid. 3/21/2013
13. Bordem. 3/21/2013
14. I Can See The Future. 3/22/2013
15. What Will We Get Next 3/22/2013
16. They Fall Like Dominoes 3/22/2013
17. All The Scoundrals 3/22/2013
18. There Has To Be Something On 3/21/2013
19. Chitter Chatter. 3/22/2013
20. Im Not A Member Of This Club 3/22/2013
21. Dance With The Devil 3/22/2013
22. Wonder Where It All Went Wrong. 3/23/2013
23. You Can Try. 3/23/2013
24. What Happend Last Night? 3/24/2013
25. A Night On The Town. 3/25/2013
26. Hunter Thompson Controlled Madness. 3/25/2013
27. The Last Bit Of Reality. 3/27/2013
28. She Was The One. 3/27/2013
29. The Same Dirty Glass. 3/28/2013
30. I Need To Take A Walk. 3/28/2013
31. One More Day 3/30/2013
32. Just To Get On. 3/30/2013
33. Thousand Voices Of Ignorance. 3/30/2013
34. The Scumbag Place. 3/31/2013
35. The Modern World. 4/1/2013
36. Never Again Never Doing It Again. 4/3/2013
37. I Hate These Poeple. 4/3/2013
38. It's Sickening. 4/4/2013
39. Beer And Cider. 4/4/2013
40. A City Called Boston. 4/6/2013

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Dont Regret.

Dont regret
dont ever let your mind hang on to the past
always move forward
always look ahead
never turn your head and regrett.

Always remember
the future is always more thrilling
even if mistakes are made
it's always better to keep on moving
never look back in regret
just remember it was an experience.

It's worth every mistake to gain wisdom
regrett will always keep you in the same place
if you keep looking back with regret
you will never move forward
never forget the past
but dont hold on to the mistakes.

Always keep your eyes ...

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Yes Sir

Yes sir of course i'll do that
i'll clean your shoes sir, no problem
anything else?
oh, yes i will lick this shit off the floor
of course i'll do everything
of course i'll follow you
yes i will do everything you say
im in your complete command
yes sir, your the one whos in control

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