charlotte marie peachey

Rookie (03-06-1990 / portsmouth uk)

Its Ok Coz At Least Im Not Like You - Poem by charlotte marie peachey

You’re nothing but a dirty old man
But I knew it was some sort of elaborate plan
Its okay but let me ask did I fulfill your needs
Sure it doesn’t matter that you made me bleed
Did it feel good to use me like I was just a piece of dirt?
Use those lines all you want there’s no need to flirt?
Tell me you love me while you take it all away
Cos I still wont believe a single word you say
I remember telling you no and go away too
But apparently it wasn’t up to me it was up to you
Tell me I’m a good girl and how good I was
How there is no need to make such a fuss
And though I still cry in my sleep and feel the pain
And I think of killing you when I hear your name
And I never felt so disgusted like I haven’t bathed in years
But I must thank you for making me realize my fears
Before I wasn’t scared and believed I was unbeatable
But thanks to you, you showed me that I’m vulnerable
It’s funny how easily I can be broken like a piece of glass
How slowly in a moment like that time will pass
But I look at you now and you’re nothing but scum
You have no money, no house, no friends, or fun
So even though I’m scarred and the pain will never heal
At least in the torment you live in right now is real
Your thirty years old and you’ve done nothing with your life
No kids, no relatives or even a loving wife
Makes me laugh because I realize how sad it must be
To know the only thing you accomplished in doing is me
I'll live my life to the full and have a smile on my face
I'll wipe you off my mind and leave you alone in this place
I don’t feel sorry for you or how you find it hard to survive
Cos you stopped me from living a normal life
So cry in front of me and beg for mercy
I wont show it to you, someone so unworthy
I'll ignore the pain and the tears you cry
And don’t you dare ask me why
Cos put it simply my darling so you could understand
Go back to memory lane and press rewind
Remember my face, remember the untouched version
But from meeting you my attitude has worsened
I’m no longer the innocent girl you once knew
I’m sorry rapist if you still don’t have a clue
I’m saying you’ll get no mercy from me
Cos where was it when I asked for it

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