Jonathan Ross

Jc51-428 - Poem by Jonathan Ross

Tuesday's gone and I'm lost in space
I can't see past it's shining red face
Lovers quarrel in the dark night
I cannot comprehend their destined fight
Suburban kings dictate our lives
Vile warlords strip our pride
Nectarine flowers flushed by bees
Why don't we sail the shining seas
The minds of the light are so frail
Inside the schools that are jail
He watches his flowers die
As she asks him why oh why
The answer is very simple my good friend
All good things must come to an end

Strangers pitter-patter on my mind
Technology surpasses all of mankind
Spiders crawl inside my head
Seeds of change keep them fed
Rocketships head towards the stars
Jay Cee Five One sent to Mars
Bringing bad news to back home
For all good people and their gnome
Confusion has appeared to struck the crew
The only cure is me and you

Number Four says to Number Eight
I don't think they'll regenerate
Martian Crew can you hear me?
Martian Crew can you see me?
The Fabric of Time and Space
Is tearing at the fastest pace
Buildings falling
Cities collapsing
People dying
Earth destroying, Earth destroying
The world is at end
The world is at end

Martian crew, you're our only hope

What will become of the human race?
What will become of the human race?
Jay Cee Five One left on Mars
Left to serve crazy czars
Rebellion comes as a quickening thought
Though,7 astronauts are all we got
The battle began and the battle raged
The victims died and the survivors aged
In the end though, we won
The Queen of Spades had her last run
Humbly sailing back home the survivors do
The two of them vow to start humanity anew
One name Adam, one name Eve
Planet Earth they'll never leave

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 20, 2012

Poem Edited: Saturday, April 21, 2012

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