Funom Makama

Just In A Split Second-The Sexuality Of The Lady In Red - Poem by Funom Makama

Already in the bar at about 7: 45pm,
as weak as a 'just fed' serpent
my body movements, so slow,
like a turtle, walking in caution of danger,
feeling so stiff like a concrete block,
and even my heart beat, I could strongly feel
which outweighs the noise, music and bells all combined.

Then came this lady, elegant and sharp
very beautiful and on skimpy clothing.
She sat with the aura of royalty,
just three chairs away from me.

I was cold, stiff and lost in space
and her short red skirt accentuated her voluptuous curves.
She graced with divinity and was absolutely magnetic,
and her attraction was so axiomatic to be unnoticed.
Her smile? They were inevitably contagious,
and all one could do is to fall sick of a follow up excitement.

She twisted her Neck gently and tenderly,
turning left and right as she talked to the persons around her.
Her words, so soft and peaceful, could turn even a Lion on.
Her changing positions, switching legs to cross over the other,
only made me more of a moron.

My ego dropped, principles sublimed
and I was in the depth of wretchedness and lustful desires,
sudden heat from an internal inferno came out of me,
and all I could see is the two of us, isolated in an entire space,
with the moon sitting right above our heads,
and the stars surrounding it as they danced around us,
the trees communicating with us,
as they show off their own swagger with the winds
and all these products of Nature, sharing in our rare but holy bliss
and impossible level of happiness.

like two dark figures sitting side by side each other,
with no space between us
as our lips entangle in slow motion
and her hand caressing my posterior head.

Those wonderfully, shaped, spotless and artistic legs of hers,
stopped my systemic circulation, increasing my lust for her.
Nothing can describe perfection, not even close to this beauty.
Her naturally curved circumferential breasts,
which dangle as she speaks, sapped all oxygen in me.
The way she licked her lips during any pause in conversation,
makes me want to capture the rainbow,
and share its beauty with her alone.

Those same red, flexible and thin pair of lips,
can make me craft out a fortress from Nature itself,
just for her protection and comfort
and her delicate skin which is exhibited in her posture,
makes me want to take all her troubles away,
tossing and casting them into the oceans,
making her virgin and barren to all worries.

Not even gallons of whiskey nor hundreds of bottles of beer
could make me stare away from this rare creature.
I just needed that particular soft touch from her,
I needed to smell the stimulating scent from her hair,
exhibiting such liberty like a loose elastic ring.

A wonder of Nature and an epitome of sexuality,
the symbol of masculine vulnerability
and the object of love and lust,
all in one package is what even the Angels covet the most,
and here is one who is just three yards away from me.
I know I cannot capture the rainbow, nor alter Nature,
but I can be what I can best be.

Becoming the best man I can ever be to a wonder Woman.
This was the motivation I most needed
and as I stood up like a transformed wrecked engine,
with full confidence as though ready to face a panel,
all of a sudden I heard 'Honey, I am done for today, let's go home'
and this was coming from the bar tender who became an instant rival.

All the heat within me magically became the cold of winter,
which manifested by the way my muscles were already shivering,
no amount of comfort, nor girls, nor hope, nor assurances
is adequate enough to revive me from this shock.

I wished I was in the war front,
where I could give up myself to be killed.
I wished I was in the reality of 'Samsara'
hoping to exchange my Life for the one of the rat in my kitchen.

The Agony was just too much, so I had to leave.
As I stood up and checked my watch, it was still 7: 45pm,
but it seemed a millennium of Lust and sadness.
I wished she was mine.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 14, 2012

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