Lindsay Elizabeth Woodmansee

Rookie (April 19,1992 / Texas)

Killing By Poetic License - Poem by Lindsay Elizabeth Woodmansee

To study the emotions
Taken by poetic license
And thrust upon us whom live in this world
Blinded by the sun
Or seeing by the clouds
Not a sense to be made
But the price it was paid
And the death was left undone
Falling, Falling
Deaf to the sound
Of the infants cries through the night
Of your very own screams
In flight we take hands
And let each other go
Just forget
Don’t pretend you even started to understand
And how you cried
When you lied
Because you thought you were going to hell
And how you loved
But you lost
And the cost was so much greater
Then a flea such as yourself could ever imagine
Because I’ll forgive and then forget you ever lived
It fills my veins like ice
And makes the pain even more crystal clear
To my blinded eyes
So that I might see again
See through the hate
See through you
So that I may understand the things you do
And the reasoning behind them
Jack fell up and Jill fell down
But not until after
Way way set apart after
You were gone
Gone from my life
And now as they reign
You come back for your crown
And your ruling over me
It won’t be
I won’t let it
I won’t remind you
Of the days that were
Before the days that were
Before even those days that were
I won’t be taken over
And I won’t be taken by surprise
So tell your pretty little lies
And I’ll tell some of my own
So that you believe
That I believe
That you believe
That I believe
Your right
When you’re wrong
And the forget me not flowers you sent
Didn’t work there magic
Because I’m falling
Deaf to the sound
Of your screams
But hearing the infant cry
Things are not as they were before
You cannot bring back the past
Only hope for the present
The present broken under the Christmas tree
Rewrapped for the hundredth year in a row
Take it slow
And maybe it will mend
And perhaps in each beginning there is an end
For there is a good in each goodbye
And a hell in each hello
You are my hardest hello
And my sweetest goodbye
And if you tell me to believe you
I wont I’ll just deceive you
And say I understand that I believe
There’s a lie in the middle of believe
And an end to each friend
And now
Now I see
That I am blind
And cannot see
Except the words imprinted in the books
That tell me that forget me nots
Are a flower of remembrance
And though you cant kill with a poetic license
You can kill with words
With names
With a knife straight through the heart
Of my journal
Which alone knows the secrets of my soul
Which alone knows who I am
Something even I don’t know
If who I am is who I’m meant to be
Then I want a refund on my life
And to be given a new one
That is my wish
My treasure
You can travel to a star
Or sail across a sea
You’ll never escape who you are
Or who you’re meant to be
And so my treasures worthless
Its fool’s gold
Pleasing to the eye
But worth nothing
Nothing at all
Still falling
Barely alive
Barely able to take a breath
For fear of waking death
But breathing just to tempt him
Breathing for the sake of being alive
Of proving I’m alive
Deniably so
I am denied my rights
Denied my hopes
My dreams could be included
Or inconclusive
Perhaps with some help
From a gallery of nuts
Or a shrink who shrunk my brain
So that it hurt again
I can get to the bottom of this riddle
This conundrum we call life
The one that says that the fools dine poorer
Then the rich
But the rich fake smiles and hide tears
While the poor show them freely
No lies to be seen
Not like you
You don’t see anything
But your own ambition
And that is not seen as ambition
But as strategy
Moves that will save you
When you go to hell
For the lies you tell
The lies you told
To me

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  • (5/4/2010 3:50:00 PM)

    Lindsay, I wanna say that your piece, is definitely a gift from heaven. Even though the depth of the subject is painful, the expression, can only be understood by one, who has walked that road. I will definitely check the book out.. God bless (Report) Reply

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