Joshua M. Ruiz Melendez

Knowledge - Poem by Joshua M. Ruiz Melendez

When I was growing up ‘til this day,
I believed to have lived in darkness.
No matter how deep the darkness was
I could still see myself in the mirror.
I believed light was love, laughter, hope.
I couldn't find the light I believed it was.
So I read, heard, saw, acted and decided,
That light didn't exist or I couldn't see it.
With my previous statements I learnt
that knowledge is a way of light,
science is a path to knowledge,
ergo science is a path to light.
So I studied, no more, no less… study.
I found a path, A PATH I SAY TO YOU.
MAGNIFICENT IT WAS, hope in the horizon.
No, knowledge I believed the destination was.
So in haste I went to the twinkling end.
Why was it twinkling? Imagination it was.
Halfway, almost there, about to reach it.
It shimmered. “You cannot do this to me! ”
It went out. “Please, don’t leave me! ”
Darkness grew. Stronger it was. “No”.
Deeper I went. Time moved forward, I did not.
Being many things and being none all together.
Deaf while hearing, blind while seeing,
Mute while speaking, existing while not.
Out of the void and into the bleak I was pulled.
Nothing but time move forward, yet I lived.
The dark returned and so did the light,
Yet it wasn't the same as before,
To the present, I can’t explain it.
Then I met you, in the dark, IN THE DARK.
This was a trap, it is still a trap.
I fell for it; I’m still falling for it.
You were looking for light, why?
You’re young, but you look happy and fulfilled.
“Everyone is looking for light”, you said.
Through time you have helped me rebuilt.
I made many modifications.
We've been through a lot, you and I.
Every time the light shimmered; “it’s there”.
I still haven’t found the right path,
But I know I’ll find it, however long it is.
I hate the modifications; I have to go back.
This is not me; I feel the darkness in me,
But I found you, IN THE DARK.
Things could, might, will change for better,
Know this, sure one thing I am of.
Knowledge can never replace friendship;
I prefer to be an idiot than to lose you.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 31, 2013

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