Knowledge Without Wisdom... Poem by Adrian Wait

Knowledge Without Wisdom...

Only those with compassion, and empathy
Will laugh so joyfully and from their soul
They know what it is to despair and weep
Graced with a deep thirst and hunger
For justice and human dignity, they cry alone
They shall be filled they will overcome
Though ragged, worn, and barely standing
Hope revealed in the smile of their eyes
Tis no dream-wish of fancy this hope
Hard won with many a scar, and tears
Seasons when the only company kept
Was the shadow on the floor,
Alone in understanding and vision
Naive, stubborn and sadly forlorn
Unable to articulate his conscience
In a world turned deaf and blind
Where all things are wearisome,
the circus of distraction appears
The only game in town, consumption
When lives are measured by status
And wealth, daydreams replace hope
In a world so wise in its own eyes
Eyes that feast never have enough of seeing
…nor the ear its fill of hearing.
Consumption returns to poison the soul
Value become valueless, when wealth reigns
Feral elites in dark rooms hatch their plans
The Devil, Father of all lies, is in the detail
Hirelings have taken over the asylum, darkness.
Darkness descends upon a nation self-defeated
Who remembers generations past, their sacrifice?
Twisting downwards into Greed, lies and dishonour
What is crooked cannot be straightened;
what is lacking cannot be calculated.
For with much wisdom comes much sorrow;
the more knowledge, the more grief.
Empathy is frowned upon, and her sister
Compassion is devalued when profit
Usurps care and concern for people
Knowledge without wisdom
Becomes tyranny.

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