Lady Lazarus Poem by Sylvia Plath

Lady Lazarus

Rating: 4.7

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Melissa Smithers 08 September 2005

As with all of her work, she is utterly amazing in her ability to capture the essence of who she was and allow you to walk along side her on the journey of heartbreak in her own mind. She was a broken doll but beautifully so. In her death we saw the truth of her kind, the love she held in her heart and the fact she merely burned too bright for this realm that she blazed on into another. She is the epitomy of beautiful insanity, shattered perfection.

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space Sweeper 26 May 2005

'i have nine lives to live...' many times did she expect to get away with it? i wonder if it was the complete fading away she looked for or the revival from that darkness all over again...

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Peter Bird 01 July 2005

This is just so true it's almost unbearable to read. So brilliant but so sad that she knew all this and could express it.

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Kelcie Banas 05 March 2005

this is absolutely my most adored poem of sylvia plath's...perhaps it is because i can relate?

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Joanna Powidł Owska 15 March 2006

I really love this poem, I can find a piece of my emotions here

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Quaid-uz-zaman 15 December 2019

..a poem that starts bleeding through the hardcore of a readers soul.

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Paul Singleton 06 January 2017

Traumatic and deep. When I was reading this I saw a woman dealing with trauma, evil men and certain death or deaths while in a jewish concentration camp.

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Tom Ryan 02 February 2015

Terrifying, brilliant poet!

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Aurelia Mirn 29 March 2009

This one is absolutely the best. Transformation into firebird - it's like a Sylvia's second rebirth, i'm highly impressed.

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Octavia Brown 28 February 2008

This poem is really good. I was introduced to this poem during the unit of poetry in english. I found it really amazing to see myself relating to such rhythm within this poem. As we analyzed this poem I found some similarities towards an emo, cutter type person but it is really good.

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