Mirror Poem by Sylvia Plath


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Lucy Parker 03 April 2009

This is an interesting poem and what makes it even better is that she talks as if she is the mirror. I agree with Denvor Fernandez because people really do hate the truth and they turn to other things to tell them what they want to hear like the woman turns to the candles and the moon to make her prettier. She doesn't like the mirror because it only tells the truth, but each morning she comes back to see if it will tell her something different than it did the day before. And each day the mirror reflects truthfully.

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Denvor Fernandez 08 February 2009

People hate the truth - the hard truth.Wise are the ones who see the hidden beauty within oneself. One needs to enjoy growing old.But being human is being unwise.

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Shane Clawson 10 March 2008

This poem rocks! I luv her book 'the bell jar' cuz anyone who's struggled with any sort of depression knows wut it's like to feel useless, to feel like you want to die. For others who are struggling through the obstacles of depression, you are not alone.......

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xiao xi 29 March 2022

sorry, can i ask you where are you from?

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Karin Eszterhas 12 May 2005

Sorry, can't help you - I'm not sure what it is you want to know? I just posted the poem a little while ago.

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Öznur Manavoğ Lu 19 April 2005

ı want to present this poem in my poetry lesson but ı could not fı nd any comment on ı t could you help me

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