Lama Kheno Poem by Tandin Wangchuk

Lama Kheno

Rating: 5.0

It's gentle and warm at 8 am
I'm sitting on a divan with Agay
Both watching BBS
The news reporter sharing Zakar
Mom's preparing breakfast
Then we hear
the smash of Druk 11000 beer bottle
I don't know what's happening
And we hear the smash again
It's from the sitting room
Mom rushes to the sitting room
I follow her and so does Agay
"Noooo, you idiot." Shouts mom
It's my elder brother
He is hitting himself
Bottle after bottle
His head has turned into a stone
The broken glasses fly
Splattering all over the floor
I jump straight to him
And held his hand
He seems very strong
Like something possessed him
"What's wrong with you bro? " I say
"Lama Kheno, " says Agay
"Mom doesn't love me. She wants me dead." he says
"Yes, I want you dead. You little druggy." Shouts mom
"What drug are you on? " She enquires
"Cut it off, both of you, " I say
He aims for the bottle again
How many bottles did he break?
Five? Six?
"Lama Kheno, seven bottles." Says Agay
"Chill bro, mom loves you, we all love you."
I say
"Yes, Kuchu, we love you. Don't do this" says Agay.
Agay is holding tight on brother's Jeans
with all his strength
Though how less it may be
But he is holding it
While I'm losing my energy too
It's almost 20 minutes
Then he leaps off straight to the kitchen
He aims for the knife.
"Lama Kheno" says Agay again
"Don't do this bro, " I scream again too
We run after him
The burnt smoke of dry chilli
Hits my nostril
Mom is burning chilli
We take him back to the sitting room
She comes to us with the chilli
And waves her hand
So to make the smoke hit him,
"Let the Gen ngo(spirit) out." Says mom
Gradually he becomes gentle
And submerge into his usual self
He was much stronger then
But this time
He seems to be weak
Like a small fragile baby
I knew not if it was the burnt chilli
Or the tips he got from the drug
But it became a hell
Hell broke loose
So is to say
Which the Zakar didn't tell
While Agay and I were watching BBS.

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