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When the world was asleep
I was beside thee
So serene and happy
Thinking how to start this banter

You hold me in my fall
i didn't know you would take me that tall
you prod the confidence in me
kindling the candle of glee.

How can I tell you the verses of love?
And the sensation that I miss you
The words are difficult to utter
You would never know

Everyday as i passes by
I see you standing by
the stunning outlet you possess
it made my mind obsess

I come from the north
through cuts and heights i moved forth
bearing the pain as i fall
but you see the beauty in me that you would never trawl.


I don't know how
But my heart says I do
Even if I cry or I die

The candid eyes of her
Full of treasure and mystery
She was once deceived
Through her stars I knew


Life is but a circle
Where you come in a home.
That home raises you
And later you leave home

As smooth as the swan river
they were called the lover
their time passed by
but never did they say goodbye.

Dear gentlemen
me, you and us
let us learn
learn what makes us human

Let me sing a song
A Mexican song
Within these American walls
And I hope it stays

Australian dream

A visa is granted
Luggage packed

The new world
Shall not have any border
Be that what it may
The people shall not see any colour

A child is born
The world is very new
A blank page
A fresh paint

Nothing seems permanent here,
Yet I dream for my eternal home.
Home where all angels and demons live.
Mind attached to a string

Thank you, god, for the wonderful relatives
They help me and never leave
But my heart looks for my parents
Far across the mountains, they live

It's gentle and warm at 8 am
I'm sitting on a divan with Agay
Both watching BBS
The news reporter sharing Zakar

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Last Night

When the world was asleep
I was beside thee
So serene and happy
Thinking how to start this banter
But i saw the words in your eyes
and i start to write within
Fillers used frequently
But it was sweet like never heard before.
Your aroma took me high
I saw the stars in your eyes
When the rest of the heaven was blue
This isn't any mediocre
But an angel in disguise
beside me, above me and within me.

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Change from within not from without

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Tandin Wangchuk Popularity

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