Last Night Poem by Ibn Ali

Last Night

Rating: 3.5

I needed you here last night,
Not just to relieve myself,
I needed your warmth,
I needed your liquored lips to inebriate me,
Your unclothed body next to mine,
Head lain on my chest,
Hair spilling over my every edge,
I needed your cool breath in gasps,
My eyes ingest you
Low beams wade through the window,
Faint blue,
Some land on your nose,
Others indifferent,
Highlight my favorite portions of you,
You have me in a wrestler's hold,
Strewn across me,
I'm trapped in your embrace,
Pins and needles bid me move,
But my eyes aren't finished feasting,
I command each limb to stay,

I missed you last night,
Watching you prepare for bed,
Pillow talk,
As you ramble through the yawns,
Mutter and start to drift,
The penultimate kiss,
Decides how our love unfurls,
I needed you last night
But not for this,
I needed your bare chest aligned,
Feel the slow pulsation,
As your heart responds to mine,
They start their own conversation,
I needed the heat when our bodies condense,
The perspiration leaves you stuck to me,
Don't peel away,
My home's a lair,
My bed is barren,
My phantom limb keeps me awake,
I miss her when she's not here.

Thursday, January 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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