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This darkness
It has teeth and claws
No heart
How could it have a heart


Cannibalistic hugs consume you
As if I were trying to merge our souls by force
And in failing become Siamese
A single body, two beating hearts

Nicotined widows reminisce,
Dainty dragons bellow mist,
A cacophony of baritone moans, coughs and sniffs,
The dawn chorus,

She's the dream you try not to wake from, then you're woken, and can't get back to sleep, no matter how hard you try,
That's the analogy of us,
She'll never know,
That's how much I think about her,

Perspiring Eyes Nostalgic,
Blinded by reminiscence,
Indulgence in yesterday,
It began with stolen glances,

Please forgive me,
If I've ever said to you a hurtful word
Or upset you with something you've heard,
If my actions have caused you to frown,

I'm sorry I had you so late in life,
Your mother and I met at a later stage in life,
Thoughts of you kept me awake at night,

Man I miss to be,
Back home in Kanifing,
Sand underneath my feet,
Shade is sought from blazing heat,

She looks at me with virgin eyes,
My placebo, my perception of strength in weakness, my turpentine,
She knows best how to ignite my anger, then fan the flames, then extinguish it with with welcomed praise like desert rains,
Sometimes I think I love her,

We'll always have Eindhoven,
I remember,
It took an age to get there,
I crossed a sea it seemed as if it took me years to get there,

As if this heart was sewn with strings,
You snagged it as you passed and it's been unravelling ever since,
No matter how far you stray from me
In this Minotaur laden maze,

My father was alive,
Giving all the good advice young men ignore,

I know you love me,
It's evident,
But your insecurities demand me say it first,

How is it men walk the earth and you're still bound,
How is it I smile and joke,
Sleep and wake up happy,

The sorrow of cynicism,
Is how often proven right,
When coveted you sing a choir's chorus,
When barren, a ballad verse,

She comes to me in my dreams,
Not always when I'm asleep,
Sometimes my eyes are wide
But my thoughts are far away from me,

Paper soldiers, minds imprisoned,
The cycle is in repetition,
He feeds them love with cruel intentions,
His father did his mother such,

She asks me why I like her,
This is what I say,
'I like you cos I do, Why? I can't explain'
Perhaps your smiles to blame,


All at once they break,
Shattered shards of brittle hearts,
Outed lights of little flames,
Now sat lonely in the dark,

Hate me if you choose,  
Set me up to lose,  
The hangman's knot is coarse,  
It imprints a braided ring around my neck,  

The Best Poem Of Ibn Ali

The Darkness

This darkness
It has teeth and claws
No heart
How could it have a heart
A cause
I spark two flints to light and see
I want to feel
I fight to feed
The grain of good
Shadows, there's shadows everywhere
But where's the light
Who am I
And what's my worth
How do I measure from your view
Tell me that I'm beautiful
What do you like
My scent, my sense of strength
My brow, my lips
My, you can hear the selfishness
Before you pick the rose, be warned
It comes with thorns
It looks the perfect metaphor
Tonight my demons are mine alone
She lies beside
A stranger, her ignorance a saving grace
To say she knows me seems a lie
One often told
Sleep is the bane of all my nights
Her, the bane of all my days

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