Autumn Keele

Last Time

I was doing great-hadnt called hadnt text,
I left you alone because you said it was for the best.
but you called-I came,
even in the pouring rain.
We were at your house and we were alone,
you were in my arms, where you belong.
and then you said it...
This is the last time
that you would be mine.
To hold and to kiss,
and this is what i am going to miss.
The look in your eyes, and the touch of your hand
theres no more forever like we had planned.
And oyur words cut me so deep,
but i could actually feel something and it was somewhat a relief.
because the past few days i have been numb,
and i've been trying to figure out what i have become.
Laying there with my head on your chest,
I couldnt help but hope for the best.
But i knew what was coming and no matter how hard i tried,
there was no avoiding that painful goodbye.
And i held you in my arms as long as i could,
Letting go hurt like hell and i knew that it would.
The only thing that hurt worse than hearing the words you rehersed
Was letting go of you,
But i've tried getting yuo back and there was nothin else to do.
But why'd you do it, why'd you have to call?
you knew how this would end up after all.
I dont understand, Its like your teasing me
your tearing me apart, I just wish you could see...
But i know you love me,
from your action and the sound of your voice its easy to see.
You dont wanna do this, but talking to me is too much of a risk.
We can't help who we fall for,
evn if it happens before closing that other door.
I dont hate you and I never will,
Its just gonna take some time for my heart to heal.
But i know that what we HAVE is real,
and the one thing i will never forget is how you make me feel.
Because yuo make me feel bullet proof, I fuckin love you,
I need you and this is the truth.
So i leave and dont hear from you for a few days,
but still i need you..I swear i have changed my ways.
Then you text me and were together again,
everything is perfect, well, ill pretend.
And i got to hold you all through the night,
and oh. my. god...It feels so right.
Why can't you just see?
That we really are ment to be.
I just love you,
even after all that we've been through,
Baby dont deni it, I know you feel it too..
You have such a hold on me,
I can and will be what ever you want me to be.
The time i spend with you is what i live for
and every day i get, I cant help but hope for one more.
Just let me hold you,
and be there for all that your gonna go through.
Let me be the one you call, when you have no one to turn to.

Poem Submitted: Monday, July 19, 2010

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