Felix Bongjoh

Shisong-Bui, Cameroon
Felix Bongjoh
Shisong-Bui, Cameroon

Laundry After Thick Snow


Beads and tiny balls
of foamed
splashed water
stitch themselves

to streaks and feathers
of dripping
lightening bubbles.

Let them squeeze out
and drip off
all taupe grease

from air's hanging
bloating drapery
of wallowing alabaster.


Stitched to strings
of soap powder
floating foam drips
on scorched stems,

as their light
green coat
stuck to their bodies
slips down slowly,
rinsed in and out.

Growing gray
with sticking crystals
of over-frothed soap

on sun-trimmed
and gray-bearded
dry twigs.

No linen, but soap
froth stuck
on tree branches.

They're wind-shaved
and draped
in cream foam

to glitter in the hollow
of air's cream
deepening barrel.


No soaked or wet linen
hanging or swinging
on silver lines
linking tree to tree,

but a light drizzle
spat out
by floating, dropping
specks of snow.

Air is washing machine
spinning specks
and dripping speckles
of soap suds of snow.

Shot and spun down
with thin arrows
of snow flakes
flying down to catch threads

on a thick cream rug
of snow
to be shrugged off,

and melted
to sink into a massive drier
sitting deep
into earth's sprawling floor.

Showered and dabbed
by a growing light
from a drifting sun
flapping egret wings,

as it paddles through
a flood of thick-rayed gold
flowing, flowing

from sky's growing furnace
breathed out
by a pearl and sienna
deepening hearth..
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