Alfred Barna

Laws Of Men - Poem by Alfred Barna

Prove men cannot judge one another
Only proof of corruption of inner soul
The laws of men
Prove men are not keepers of their brother
Only proof of covet and lack of self-control
Do not look to any “ism” to be held as your savior
For they are only plans to rob you of the ground you stand
Then they with regulations upon your behavior
They tax and spy upon us, until they get an upper hand
Their corporate bastions are spears into our hearts and minds
For our daily bread, they will make us bow and scrape
It is this toil; their spells are cast and our souls into combines
The bankers with anvils and hammers make a hideous shape
The revelations they have spawned
From France, Germany, Russia, China, and more to come
Out of the terrors they are born
Attempting to hide the tracks of what they have done

The laws of men
Deal not in right or wrong
But deal in deceiving the masses
The laws of men
Oft telling them where they belong
Paid legalese through Congress passes
Exempt are they from the decree and instruction
Whether priest, politician, or popular icon beware
They are the humanist propagandists of destruction
The keepers of Prometheus’ golden hypnotic flare
They are the builders of deaths terror construction
New Age they say, is not new, and is old as pride of Cain
They listen to whispers “thou shall be as gods” in their horde
But they cannot become so, until all the innocents are slain
Yet in the end, they shall not receive their reward
For you see, they were lied to, yet believed the lie
Then they too, shall be the death they gave, they too shall die

These men of Hagel, do not believe in right or wrong
Only the power of left and right
To divide and conquer all, and make us slaves that belong
Only resources to their delight
When we no long amuse them, they will cull us like cattle
As sacrifices to their gods of gold
When you no longer have the will to stand against them in battle
They will take everything that you hold
They will do it all legally, look at your signature, written in bloody pen
Patting each other on the back, such are the laws of men.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, June 30, 2013

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