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Lenexa Baptist Chruch = God’s Test Of Hearts - Poem by Tom Zart


The shameless hunger for power, wealth and revenge
Therefore a cruel messenger will be sent to their door.
People who justify immoral behavior
Shall be measured by their misdeeds before.

Fools listen eagerly to the words of the pathetic
Who’s mission in life is the corruption of man.
Where the righteous overrule the wicked of heart
Challenging Satan’s dominance and command.

Better is the heart filled with love and quietness
Than one that feasts on the loudness of strife.
Angry hearts fan the flames of failure
Eager to reject God’s blessings of life.

God’s test of hearts dates back to Adam
When Eve picked fruit from the forbidden tree.
Tempted by Satan they lost God’s grace
Revealing weakness to be punished by Thee.

Happy hearts prosper on what is truthful and good
Where dishonored ones fester and rot to the bone.
Life charts our course but God guides our way
As His wisdom and love become our own.


I lost my way sweet Jesus
I can’t stand to shame you anymore.
While all the time your ocean of truth
Lay before me to explore.

When I closed my eyes to you Lord
Temptation slipped beyond my door.
I’m sick and tired of my behavior
Feeling lost, hopeless and more.

So here I am, “my sins exposed”
With nowhere for me to hide.
Whispering forth my prayers of faith
Sensing your presence inside.

I drifted from you Master
My shepherd of guiding light.
I lost my way sweet Jesus
And I pray to repent tonight.


Where are the men women seek and deserve
Where are the husbands excited to serve?
Where are the soul mates that hate being lonely
Gratified by the love of one woman only?

Where are the men who have earned their measure
Eager for a home, family and treasure?
Good guys remain truthful and complete
While the horrible lie, fornicate and cheat.

God makes sure there are always the few
Who gain their grace as through faith they renew.
The righteous remind us of the commitments of love
And that God is watching from Heaven above.

The shameful have no reason to sing or rejoice
Only the repentant who heed God’s voice.
Worthy men are driven by a charitable soul
Fortified by love, trust and control.


The Son of God came down to Earth
To be our Lord by divine birth.
Born to a virgin in a stable He lie
Destine to lead, teach, suffer and die.

Satan transformed from laughter to rage
When Christ arrived to destroy man’s cage.
A never-ending chance to redeem our soul
A new opportunity to achieve God’s goal.

Evil doers hate the birth of God’s child
They love what is immoral, wicked and wild.
Degrading Christmas wherever they can
Jealous of the joy and rapture of man.

Hallelujah Jesus the King of Christmas night
With a star for His crown bathed in holy light.
Christ is our savior who leads by trust and love
Delivering us from Satan to the grace of God above.


The presence of God is not a mystery
When we surrender our soul to His will.
He sees us as His children of faith
And is willing to forgive and fulfill.

He shoulders our troubles and gives us peace
Flowers, songs, stars, wind, soil and oceans.
We learn that prayer is His power of love
As we struggle to maintain our emotions.

We may get lonely but we’re never alone
For God knows and feels our woes.
He is our Lord, Savior and Master
And has traveled every road we chose.

He knows we’ll falter, hesitate and weaken
Though He loves us enough to always show.
He whispers His words of grace and compliance
As the consequences of evil gather and grow.

David, Moses, Jonah, Samson, Peter and Jesus
We’re aware that God was their divine guide.
They changed the future of Christians forever
With the power of Divinity at their side.

By God’s Poet Tom Zart
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