mazHur Butt

Liberals Dilemma - Poem by mazHur Butt

Some people in the East have zest
for bringing in liberalism of the West
to countries wrought with hunger, disease and all
which are economically and materially at a fall
where religion is intermixed with the laws
where there Constitutions bear exclusive clause
that nothing repugnant to the majorities faith
shall be done beyond what its stipulates layeth
where the majority unanimously crave for religion
to be the governing force of their regime or region
by dint of dictatorship, monarchy or democracy
that being their motto, rule, law or fancy
whatever be the reason behind it but it's a fact
that democracy warrants their each and every act
Somewhere their laws are enforced with justice
elsewhere they are sadly violated in practice
Where lies the fault then? In enforcement of these laws
Or creating a fuss over the unfortunate democratic flaws?
There does seem something wrong with the enlightened minds
who lack the vision to see beyond the blinds
such folks are like untruthful students of a college
who curse the discipline yet wish for learning pledge
they are like unruly weeds spreading out in a rose garden
impeding the growth and blooming of their goodly haven
they are men who want more than what they deserve
their ideas Quixotic rife with nothing in their fold to serve
unfaithful, untruthful, biased, timid and insincere
they hunt with the hounds and run with the deer
ignorant and aspirant of having their own way
the way of their whimsical thinking least to say
these faithless creatures who vie for neighbor's wife
who look for something which they don't practice in their life
who are like monkeys who are wont to mimic humans
who are like lame ducks pretending to hatch like hens
they are nothing more than eunuchs posing as men
frivolously somersaulting elves in their dreary den
treacherous and dishonest to their own belief
undeserving asking for an undeserving relief
calling those who stick to their faiths as conservatives
posing like foreigners but living among natives
Great hypocrites are these ingrate undeserving fools
slave to their own notions, minds scratched with foreign tools
insincere to themselves, unfaithful to their own clime
like a bad poem lacking in substance rhythm and rhyme
To be liberal is good fir those living in a controlled environment
for people acclimatised to laws laid down by the government
those attuned to the cultural, political and ethical norms of the land
where the rules so say where the law of the land stands
If when in Rome do as the Romans is right
the liberals should restrain and sun their ideas bright
for the brightness differs from source and place
a candle lit before the sun will show no grace
Liberals are those who liberal do in word and deed
which are neither repugnant to the laws or creed
O desirous of liberalism! The only way for your wish to be fulfilled
is to first deserve it without breaking the oath you have milled
Liberalism is either of the ways two
you cannot eat it and have it too!

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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