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Licensed Rape - Poem by sree Jothi

Licensed Rape
How would you feel?
When a male machine drills your flesh
And squeezes the last drops of pleasure
Hidden in the bottom most privacies of your body
Jetting forth the jelly seeds of masculinity
Into the parched chunks of your female soil?

How would you feel?
When honey combs of your collected love
Gathered drop by drop like the life blood
Are raided by a wild bee with brute force?
When wines hatched lives together in the cups of heart
Are squeezed dry and sucked by the serpentine tongue?

How would you feel?
When merciless fate chains you hand and leg
And throws you to feed his raging hunger,
To quench it all in one life-size measure,
When locks of restrictions fall for false keys
And open up treasures for repeated burglaries?

How would you feel?
When authority imposes himself without time or place
When irritating fingers grope for pleasure corners,
When the fleshy crowbar rigs into the springs of love
When surrender droops her helpless head
Shouting silently under an immovable weight

How would you feel?
When found yourself looted of your femininity,
The woman old priceless gift preserved for another
Having nothing to offer but dead bones and dry flesh
Packed in a plastic frame decked in artificial perfumes
To the loved soul born to seek fulfillment in you alone?

When false talk fails to match your face of insult
When body and mind are judicially divorced
When stubborn life persistently holds on to frail frame
When the stinking soul finds short of tears to cry
How would you feel?

Poet's Notes about The Poem

sex forced on wives timelessly and untimely by brute force of husbands

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 23, 2013

Poem Edited: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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