Jessie Car

Life... - Poem by Jessie Car

Life is,
Something so perplexing,
Something that no one can truly understand,
Something that you can hate,
Something that you can love,
If you might just find your one true love,
Maybe you’ll never be a Cinderella,
Maybe you’ll never get you’re prince charming,
Maybe you’re heart will be broken beyond any repair,
All of these maybes turn into tears,
These tears turn into heart breaks,
These heart breaks turn into thoughts,
These though turn into actions,
These actions turn into scars,
At first looking like red silky thread,
Then turning brown, crusty, and dead,
These scars remind me of you,
At first wonderful and beautiful,
Then turning miserable and dreadful,
I know my heart has been broken to many times by you to be repaired,
I’ve seen you love others when you promised me there wasn’t,
I’ve seen you give that first kiss you gave me away so many times,
All those truths turn into lies,
I wish I could get over this,
I knew we were doomed before we began,
But you said I was different,
You said I was special,
You said I was the only one for you,
You said that we didn’t just make music but a symphony,
I believed you and my heart is now damaged so horrifically,
I wish I was special,
I wish I was the only one for you,
I wish we could make a symphony,
But I sit here and wonder, what is life?
Life is something that could be ended my a pull of a trigger,
Life is something that can be ruined by just a few words,
Life is something that can end just as soon as it began,
As I sit here, think, and watch the rain cascade down,
I decide that life is something no one can figure out,
I decide that I should try to live this short thing called life,
I decide that I will find my prince charming,
I decide that I will find a carpenter to repair my broken heart,
I decide that I will find someone who is just for me,
I decide that I will find someone who will be my symphony,
And most important,
I decide that this life is one that is worth living.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 16, 2007

Poem Edited: Saturday, April 9, 2011

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