Life Poem by buddha love


Rating: 5.0

can't catch a break
feel that the weight of the world is on you
you want to try so hard but you can only give it so much
you're the one always sacrificing the one thing you don't want to give up
the sleep that you always loose and it seems it will be enough
the people that leave but never understand why you put yourself through hell
it seems that you can never catch up with the world
trying so hard with no glory just the will power to keep going and your on your own
why keep going if it's not worth it in the end when all you want is the simplest thing
no one appreciates anything that you did do
you're always leaving with less than you had before
always on the breaking point but hold it in because you can't break down
you can't loose, can't give up
in the end all you want is to go home and hug the person you've been wanting for a very long time...
You know the answer but you wont admit to it
because if you do then you loose
i just want a brake

Lindsay Conkle 15 April 2009

wow! great work b! thanks for putting your raw emotions into poetry. keep writing!

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