Mai Venn

Life Is A Gift - Poem by Mai Venn

Life Is A Gift And No One Has The Right To Take It Away
When someone kills and ends the life of an individual,
They steal a family member and a dear loved one.
This is a cruel act that cannot be undone, it is a tragedy.
With more than one slain, it was a terrorist act of war,
That caused diverse reactions all across the world.
Why? What reasoning was there to hurt another human being?
Young people enjoying an evening out; shot down at random,
What harm did they impose? None! Murdered by strangers.
Who gave them right to kill? What logic can they have had
To put an end to something as precious as the gift of human life?
Reprisal will follow and it will go on and on, more blood will be shed.
Memories are lodged in our minds forever of the 13th of November
It has left a dark shadow of sorrow and grief in all our hearts.
This earth is big enough for all of us to live together peacefully.
We may not believe the same ideology but why does that matter?
To kill Paris’s young and innocent just on a whim.
Surely common sense should have shone through the clouds of mist?
When the mist dissolves, what will we see straight ahead?
Visualize, that you are looking down from above in a valley,
Imagine that there are two cultures coming from opposite sides,
One culture holds the white flag of forgiveness and peace,
The other waves the black flag of malice and conflict,
As they meet, the sun dispatches dazzling sunbeams upon them,
Blinding both sides for a while, then an eclipse of darkness pursues.
Now both cultures are puzzled and confused at this wonder,
They mingle with each other, unaware of the state of affairs.
As they start to realise what has happened, what concludes?
To continue or rethink the situation, for there are other powers,
Yes, exceptional powers that no human can control or recognize.
The confrontation of good and evil has now to debate its course,
Breaking down barriers and building bridges of love and forgiveness.
Live and let live as we each contribute to this world together.
It is a pity that this is only an imaginary dream of world peace,
I ponder and I wonder why, why cannot we all live in harmony?
Mai Murphy Venn

Topic(s) of this poem: sadness

Form: Lament

Poet's Notes about The Poem

it speaks for self

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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