I Am A Thinker By The Sea,

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I am a Thinker by the Sea,

One million footsteps in a display that adorn your strand,
Seashells lay lightly, quietly on your golden sand,
While I gaze at the array of life before me in motion,
Strolling by in wonder and viewing the ocean.
At sunrise, your horizon sorts shades of gold,
At noon, the sun smiles gently on the summer's day,
At twilight, a sight of sheer beauty as the sun slowly descends,
Dispersing a fan-tail of amber gleams through dazzling rays.
I glance once more outwards as I walk on by the seaweeds,
The waves flow in and out and leave a pattern on the beach,
Here and there and everywhere like dandelion seeds.
Striking imprints of rippling waves captivate the sea's shore,
Now and then, one sees the odd ship traveling to a far-off land,
As seagulls scream and cry while into the sky they sore,
The sea breeze carries them gracefully, gently on their way.
Cliffs standing, stonily staring as the years move on by,
Life is but a fraction, a blink of an eye, nothing is here to stay,
A sound overhead, a passing aircraft, lines the evening sky,
The half-moon timidly appears as twilight surrounds the place,
Fishing boats sail out to sea as weary children elsewhere sleep,
As I gaze, I catch the moon's blue light on my gown's lace,
I reflect on how the speed of time passing makes me weep.

Mai Venn

Bharati Nayak 26 January 2016

Looking at sea is like looking at life- -marvelous depiction of sea side view with sunrise, sunset and your reflections as you catch moon's blue light on your gown, s lace- - -Many images of life coming alive in those reflections.- - - Thanks for sharing such a beautiful write.

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Stephani Kievaughan 25 September 2015

Just Plain ole Good Writing there Mai Ven. there must be something in the air over there. The Sociology the Culture or something that Forge's so Many Good writers. Must be the Cumulative angst or political intrigue. it May Be the Guinness as weLL

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