Life Is Like Playing Basketball Poem by Ulysses Cabinatan

Life Is Like Playing Basketball

Life is like playing basketball
dribble, run, walk, jump and shoot.
play without a ball and a goal
and the game will be pointless
so keep an eye on the ball and focus on the goal
dribble, sweat, give energy and effort
and play with enthusiasm and joy.

Niyanna Sledge 22 September 2020

Please make a basketball poem for Me

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pickle rick 15 April 2020

A Kobe poem I wrote R.I.P. Kobe wish you could get another trophy. You the real king with real wings. You not here really does sting. If I be honest your the best in the NBA! I wish it wasn't to late.

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abby connors 08 May 2019

basketball for me is adventures i always loved when basketball season would come and I would be able to put on my basketball shoes again and gain i love basketball

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ags18 02 April 2019

i play rep so its no surprise that i like it i recon next time put some of the key points if the poem underneath because i am doing a poem and have to do report so if you can touch with me that would be great but otherwise i loved it so please give me a call if you find any information thanks -ags18

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