Evey Vendetta

Life & Love - Poem by Evey Vendetta

Sometimes I feel alone
Alone in this dreadful world
This world full of bitterness and hate
I can't do nothing right
Everything that is right is wrong
Why is it that wrong can not be right

I am ashamed of what I am
The human race is far from fame
It's a disgrace and full of pain
Love is scarce hard to find
When u do find it the person tends to play with your mind

The person a monster as we should call it laughs n you face and toys with your heart
When board ness kicks in and the game is over your left all alone with a broken heart
He tells u he loves you with all his heart
Then turn around n hurts you it's just like a knife in the heart

It's a never ending cycle that goes on and on
Makes you think you can't go on
You begin to think its all your fault
And everything in you life seems to be put at a halt

You scared to leave but your scared to stay
The feeling makes you crazy an wont go away
You keep wondering what to do where to go
People keep asking you are u doing good you say yes when its really a no

You hide you feelings and hide your pain
You put on a act wear a fake smile and nobody knows on your heart is a permanent stain

But is it permanent? ? ?
Will it never go away? ? ?
One day when your least expecting it
You shall be saved
From the depths of hell you rise and your future will be paved

Tall dark m handsome is what will save you
Brings us back to love and this time you wont know what hit you
He will show you things you never knew there
He will teach you things here and there
He won't even know he has such a impact on you life
Even though you tell him he is your life

He is everything you want in more
You will be afraid of love no more
He will be a constant thought in you mind
He will be the best you could ever find

Now that he is here
Things seem clear
Sometimes there's still a tear
But for the most part
He has your heart
And you believe nothing will tear you apart

Poet's Notes about The Poem

this poem is about me my bf now n from in the past

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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