rajven herrera

Living Free With Out You.! - Poem by rajven herrera

I thought you where the other half of my heart the other part of me
It pained me to see you go, to let you go just like that
I couldn’t help myself from tears the day I saw you your eyes glistened to the suns rays
I almost cried I thought I was seeing an angel until that very day you broke every last piece of my heart
The thought that you were different the thought that I trusted you that much to let you in But now there’s nothing left to give my real love, a black hole where my heart use to beat about when I saw you
When you held me close you were always there for me when I needed you the most
When I needed a shoulder to cry on you would be there, the sight that I need a shoulder Now I need someone to be here now that I am heart broken now that I’m dying inside we Had such good memories, you say that every memory would always be there in case you would leave
In case you wouldn’t be there anymore that time has come, that time is now
Our little secret handshakes, our secret code language, our own signals, our special spot we meet
When something goes wrong in time, when our families fight
When we need to talk about serious matters we would be there for each other no matter when it; we’d be there.
I wait as long as you take, you’d wait as long as I take
We were both in this together and now I’m in this alone
What happened to the love we shared the good times we had
You did the stupidest things that wouldn’t make know sense, but would always make me laugh
You introduced me to your friends, to your family and I did as well, and I get treated this way
Left alone in the dark with no one to hold me close to comfort me, I thought I’d always have you there
I wouldn’t need anyone
I thought wrong knowingly you’d be there to guide me through it all
I have to search again for another special soul, but that won’t do much justice, you’ll always be here in my memories
And our spots of memory I will always love you

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 23, 2010

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